Announcement: Raid disbanded.

I’ll keep this sweet, because if I drag it out I’ll just cry more.

tl;dr version: Raid is over, permanently. Flesh Wound and Tempest need help with their teams and Loekee will not require you to guild swap. The guild “The Reborn” will remain under my leadership.


In details:
Over the last few weeks, we have struggled heavily with attendance. Summers are usually pretty difficult for raid teams especially teams with any weekend days in their schedules.

We still managed to kill Heroic Jin’rokh more than once, and see Ji-kun a few times. I am proud to say I helped get us to this point and I am proud of every bruise and split blood to get here.

Unfortunately, we cannot go much further.
Kentei is leaving for a more suitable raid team with school starting.
I am taking a promotion that will no longer let me raid solidly.
Nihilistic has decided to re-focus on MD.
Some people have moved on from the game and/or no longer find an appeal to keep playing or raiding.

Instead of stressing ourselves with pugs and wasting time on late starts, the Officers and myself have decided to disband the raid team and let people decide what they want to do. We may run achievements and old content and try for current content as we have people available but no one is set into a specific raid schedule. Check your calendars, keep up on the forums.

Flesh Wound still needs a good bit of help and Belicosa has updated what they need so please check out his board. Their raid is still Fri-Sat at 7pm. Just whisper Belicosa or Orugasa.
Tempest, our sister guild, has also expressed spots open on two teams – 7-11 Tues/Wed and 10pm Wed/Thurs. You can ask Loekee for more details and she can direct you to the team leaders. They are not requiring you to leave The Reborn in order to raid with them. Loekee has said they will make room for any Reborn wanting to raid without requiring a guild swap.

This website and forum will remain open, just as I will remain in charge of the guild. Everyone is welcome to stay – and encouraged, so I don’t get lonely. Everyone who has come here is family and no matter how far divided that family gets, you are always welcome back home.

I suppose the good news is I get to run an entire real life store like I ran my guild.
Good practice!


August 10, 2013 |

Guild Gathering Week – July 24-26th

Raid is cancelled for July 24, 25, 26 as Adonea, Kerrys, Nes, Kentei, and possibly others will be absent due to the Reborn Gathering in Nevada/Utah.

Anyone who wants to form a raid for this week or join friends is welcome to do so. Please keep in mind that Flesh Wound is still looking for people to step in and help them progress, and Tempest may have some extra spots available also.  Check with Orugasa/Belicosa for Flesh Wound and Vizier or Loekee for Tempest.


I’d like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the “Raid Like A Pirate” event! Congratulations to Kentei for winning the Pirate transmog screenshot contest. He was the only person (who was not an Officer) who uploaded his screenshot to the forums. His prize was 1000g! All participants received 250. Look for more events like this in the future!



July 18, 2013 |